CMS - Content Management System

Be in control of your content easily at any time.

Give your clients the possibility to control their content

As a producer or director of digital experiences you can be confronted to frequent content modifications or to a client’s will to be in control of their own content. With our expertise, you can now offer that possibility when connecting your experiences to a CMS.

Custom APIs and end-points development

After establishing your needs we will set up a protocol of communication adapted to your reality so your team can use the content in the CMS. Whether you prefer JSON, XML, CSV or YML as a format, we can help you

API REST and documentation

You wish to open your content management system to more contributors? We set up an API REST that respects the highest standards, while also providing the proper documentation to make sure everyone finds their way on a short, mid and long term. 

Online or local deployment

CMS can be deployed online to allow an offsite access to the content team. However, for security of limited bandwidth, it is also possible to deploy our CMS on computers or virtual machines inside a local network (VPN or VPC), therefore limiting CMS access and its dependance to Internet.