Advanced blogs and online magazines

Fast-track your magazine or blog by generating traffic and earnings.

Automated newsletters

Simplify your newsletter writing with our tools. The content of weekly mailings can be created automatically from your website content, allowing you to save precious time. 

Recent content reading by Alexa or Google Assistant

Allow users to get to your content through an assistant connected to Google or Amazon. Articles will be read directly in the smart speaker, either in the kitchen or in the car!

Elegant and easy sharing of your articles on social media

Your content could shine on social media with sharing buttons, relevant previews and Google Analytics tracking code. 

A custom web presence

This is not about themes. Whether you already have your design, or you wish to get complete support, you can count on our individualized service. We are able to meet your requests since we are building the theme. 

Compatibility with mobile devices

Our websites are adapted and optimised for recent mobile devices. Your website will be functional on all platforms. 


When used properly, Drupal facilitates the multilingual management. Either in Quebec or around the world, we recognize and respect your reality. 


Best practices are established so that your website is correctly recognized by Internet search engines. Metatags, titles or Schema: our sites are highly adaptable.