RFIDs technology applied to museums and events.

Reliably identify objects, precisely and rapidly

Applying RFIDs to your projects makes it possible to react at the presence of an object or a person, with an absolute precision. Applying this concept to museums and events open new doors.

Reliably identify a person

If you follow the progression of a visitor, you can add value to their course. Per example: offer someone the chance to win prizes if they complete a given course. Or allow a visitor to build himself a profile or an avatar from the choices given in an exhibition. When you connect the data to an online platform, you can offer your visitor the possibility to pursue their visit from home with additional and customized content.

Reliably identify an object

When you insert a RFID chip inside an object, it is possible to react to its presence on a given zone. It is therefore possible to create apps where the visitor is called to touch objects or place them in a certain way. 

Based on reliable open-source technologies

Because we rely on open technologies, conceived by professional teams over many years and used every single day by millions of users around the world (Chromium), we can ensure the stability of our apps, albeit maximising the compatibility with different systems and operating systems.