Tangible application

Objects and bodies transform into a gateway to the digital world.

Need to get off screen? 

Forget about the limits of a screen and let’s move away from the usual frameset. Allowing visitors to control our apps - developped with objects or even their own body - we multiply the content possibilities, whether they’re playful or didactic

Animate the inanimate

With visual detection, RFIDs chips or microcontroller (Arduino), we make it possible for the physical world to interact with the digital one. Make a robot dance with colored blocks, build words with a giant cursor, recreate life on Earth with dots - we challenge the boundaries each time. 

Based on reliable open-source technologies

Because we rely on open technologies, conceived by professional teams over many years and used every single day by millions of users around the world (Chromium), we can ensure the stability of our apps, albeit maximising the compatibility with different systems and operating systems.