Web-based platform

Your tools and your data, available online, always.

A customized, web-based tool designed to fit your needs

Is your reality unique? We can develop a unique tool. Let’s establish clearly what your needs are and why the existing tools do not fit your situation - we will then be able to implement a strategy and select the best technologies for your project. 

Opened to other tools

A web-based platform is accessible at all times and complies with standards allowing it to connect with other tools. Example: use your platform for inventory management, sales or ressources, and trigger action when certain conditions are met. Automate your methods now with a platform that was conceived for you. 

A supportive infrastructure

Either intended for a small team or open to the whole world, your project deserves the necessary infrastructure to ensure its success: cloud or private server, VPS, load-balancing, remote automated backup (cloud-based): all the steps will be taken in order to reach the goals. 

Compatibility with mobile devices

Our websites are adapted and optimised for recent mobile devices. Your website will be functional on all platforms.


The tools we are using make multilingual management easier than ever. Either in Quebec or around the world, we recognize and respect your reality.