Shopify websites

Use Shopify power in your own projects.

Make the most out of the platform and its apps

Thanks to its growing popularity, Shopify is constantly adding new features. With these apps you can instantly improve your customers return experience, estimate delivery costs with numerous carriers, plan pick-up hours, etc. This way, your platform is continually evolving without requiring developing costs otherwise linked to improvement. 

Multiple sales channels 

Your reality is ever changing. Your e-commerce as well. If you choose Shopify you will be able to use one inventory and sell it on multiple channels: your website, your commercial space, Instagram, Amazon, ebay, Pinterest, Google Shopping, etc. 

More flexible than ever on Shopify with our hybrid solution

Although very powerful, Shopify sometimes display some limitations, such as account creation, multilingual management, SEO and even domain name management. With our hybrid solution we use all of Spotify’s power combined with a customized website. We free you of these limitations while keeping the Shopify features and power of its apps.

Multilingual, multicurrency

Sell in as many languages and currencies as needed. Our Shopify based solutions enable numerous possibilities. Either in Quebec or around the world, we recognize and respect your reality.