Integration with OpenAI

Our team is the ideal choice for projects involving artificial intelligence or for connecting websites and applications to AI.

Integration with OpenAI 

We connect your projects with OpenAI APIs to leverage the power of their models and infrastructure.

Conversational search engine

By transposing your content into digital representations compatible with artificial intelligence (embeddings), we can develop new-generation search engines capable of responding with your own content to more natural language searches. For your users, keywords become a thing of the past.

Automatic classification and suggestions

The integration of artificial intelligence allows suggestions to be made in real time, based on user interaction. For example, it is possible to automatically add categories to content, lightening the workload of content creators or enabling more advanced filters.  Or it can make automatic suggestions when a user enters text. 

Visual recognition and moderation

Image interpretation is also made possible by artificial intelligence. As such, it is possible to detect the components in an image. These approaches can, for example, be used to moderate, in real time, media coming from a large number of users, such as images sent by users to a website, or images taken by cameras in museums.



Made-to-measure micro-services

Whether for general research or to address very specific requirements, it is also possible to develop applications independent of your current applications. We can develop such solutions on server architectures at advantageous costs, thanks to optimized on-demand pricing for cloud services.



Clients with microservices